Indoor Mold Elimination

It is impossible to eliminate all molds and mold spores indoors. Mold will always be found floating in the air and in house dust. Indoor mold growth can be prevented by controlling water and moisture indoors. The following may help prevent or reduce indoor mold growth.

  • Repair any water leaks immediately
  • Provide good air circulation
  • All HVAC systems should have a good electrostatic filter on the return air
  • Use bathroom, kitchen and laundry room exhaust fans
  • Insulate and ventilate attic and crawlspace areas
  • Clean, dry or remove items that are damaged by water immediately

Real Estate Deals DO NOT Need To Be Broken

If the home you are thinking about purchasing or if you are the agent on a home your buyer is thinking about purchasing and it has mold, do not panic! You can remove unusual mold levels from the home, and bring it back to the original condition.

If there is a mold problem in your home, you must clean up and fix the water problem. If you clean the mold, but do not fix the water problem, the mold will grow back. If the contaminated area is very large, you may want to hire a professional to mitigate the problem.

Post Remediation Testing

The most important part of the remediation (Clean Up) process is the post remediation testing. This final testing procedure provides confirmation that the project has been satisfactorily remediated and that the contamination has not spread to other areas.

Examples of Places Mold Can Be Found

  • Basement, kitchens (bottom of fridge), around bathroom vanities, washer/dryer area
  • The underside of carpets and pads
  • The surface of walls behind furniture (where condensation forms)
  • Ceilings and the top side of ceiling tiles
  • Front and backside of drywall, wallpaper or paneling
  • Inside HVAC systems and ductwork
  • Clothing
  • Food

Colorado Pro Inspect can perform mold testing for you. We use the latest equipment to insure accurate and complete analysis. We can help you determine if there is a mold problem in the home you are living in or considering buying.

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